About the Butcher's Circle


May the Steak be more with you

with the all-new Butcher's Circle!

The Butcher's Circle is your free, all-access pass to premium meat rewards. Every dirham spent earns a point that gets you closer to exclusive perks. Simply sign into your account, (or create one) to get started.


What is the Butcher's Circle?

After serving you the best meat in town since 2014, your time to be rewarded has come! The Butcher's Circle is La Carne Premium Meat's Loyalty Programme, making premium meat more enjoyable with the least hassle possible. No need to download an app or add another physical card to your wallet!

How it works:

Register and earn points

2 ways you can register:

  • When you shop at our online store, you are automatically enrolled.
  • Register within 60 seconds on our iPad at our shop at Mushrif Mall.

Earn 1 point for each dirham spent.

Look at rewards

When you think about meat, browse our rewards to help you make your next meatventure come true! Pick from free meat items, upgrades, kitchen tools and more! Rewards will change regularly.


Rewards can be browsed on our online store (a square box will appear on the bottom right) or online through the WebApp.


At our store in Mushrif Mall, you can also browse rewards on our iPad!

No physical card, or app to download

Yes, you heard that right! Our loyalty programme is completely digital and designed for the modern consumer. When you register, you'll get a link to your digital card which you can save on your phone background or apple wallet, so you can use your wallet space for more important things.

Redeem rewards

Simply log in to see which rewards you can avail, and once redeemed those points will be deducted from your balance. You will always be notified of changes made to your account.


Let's meat soon!

Got questions? Send us an email and we'll get back to you in no time. For information on our privacy policy, please click here. To register, simply click the link below and follow the Butcher's Circle icon.

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